Fun Things to Do

Thursday Night Social Hour

Join us Thursday night Oct. 12th for a Social Hour at Tim Finnegan’s Irish Pub – 0.3 miles from Sheraton Crescent Hotel. Tim Finnegans is a traditional & authentic Irish restaurant & pub located in Phoenix, AZ, that offers lunch, dinner, appetizers, salads, brunch, Irish whiskey and beers. Happy hour at Tim Finnegan’s is Monday through Friday from 11am to 7pm and 4pm to 7pm Saturday and Sunday. They offer half off select appetizers and premium well spirits  for only $3 dollars (regularly only $4 dollars)!!

Enjoy some of the finest Irish cuisine this side of the Atlantic including USDA Prime, Shepherd’s Pie with choice lamb, and mussels fresh from the sea. Tim Finnegan’s is top notch when it comes to great food, go on in and see for yourself.

Friday Night Light Rail Pub Crawl & Scavenger Hunt

Get ready for the first ever TYCAWest Phoenix Light Rail Pub Crawl & Scavenger Hunt on Friday, Oct, 13th. We can’t give away too much information, but here’s the gist of this fun event. 19th Avenue/Dunlap is a station on the Metro light rail line in Phoenix, Arizona. This station is 0.8 miles from the Sheraton Crescent Hotel. If that’s a far walk for you, there’s an Irish pub half way there. Stop. Take a break. Once you get there, the Scavenger Hunt begins. You and your team of no fewer than 3 people will snap photo proof of each or as many as you can locate of the scavenger hunt items and post them on Twitter or Instagram. Your team will earn one point for locating, doing and posting photo evidence for each item. You can earn an additional 2-3 points for creativity for how you “participated” or recorded the item.

Example: Scavenger item – All team members on the Light Rail. Snap a photo/video of your crew, tag it, and post to Twitter = 1 point. Now if the photo/video shows all team members doing handstands on the seats on the Light Rail = 3 points! (I don’t think you can get arrested for that). So you can win by running really fast around the Pub Crawl area and capturing all the Scavenger hunt items OR you can take a more leisurely approach and be more creative about how you capture the few items you find. Either approach can win!

I’ll give you a hint. The goal is NOT to find all the items. The goal is to have fun. More information, including the Scavenger Hunt list will be posted the day of the event (Friday, Oct. 13th, 2017).


  • The Light Rail Pub Crawl & Scavenger Hunt is NOT a drinking contest. Most of the pubs along the route serve alcohol, but you don’t have to drink it. Eat some grub instead. 🙂
  • No sabotaging other teams, and no cheating.
  • You must use the correct #hashtag for your item posts. If it doesn’t show up, it doesn’t count.
  • You have to be a part of a team, and No divide and conquer.
  • No breaking the law! We won’t come bail you out. 😉

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