Keynote Speaker

Our Keynote for the 2017 TYCA West Conference in Glendale, AZ will be:

Asao B. Inoue, Ph.D.

Professor, Director of University Writing & Director of Writing Center at The University of Washington, Tacoma

Asao does research that investigates racism in writing assessments (e.g. writing programs, writing placement, etc.), which includes classroom writing assessments. About half of his work is theoretical, while the other half is empirical in nature. He’s published articles and chapters on validity, classroom writing assessment, grading contracts, assessment as rhetoric, reflection practices, failure in writing assessments, among other things. In the past, he’s paid close attention to the Hmong racial formation and their writing and reflection practices.

Asao’s teaching has always been very important to him. It is the place from which all his research springs. He enjoys teaching writing classes of all stripes, including first-year writing and writing in the major courses. His favorite courses to teach are the first year writing courses. The center of all his courses is the grading contract and their community-developed assessment processes and expectations.