Each year TYCA-West recognizes two-year college teachers who exemplify innovation and creativity in our region.

In Spring 2008 the TYCA-West REC members voted to add a fourth award modeled after National TYCA’s “ Nell Ann Picket Service Award. The TYCA-West Service Award recognizes the time, talent, “vision and voice” of service and leadership. This may include work at the institutional/regional level (faculty mentoring, research, boards and committees, etc.) or “work uniting the goals and efforts of organizations and groups that promote two-year colleges”(from the Two-Year College English Association Handbook section 7.2).


The TYCA-West Annual Teaching Award
The TYCA-West Annual Part-Time Teaching Award
The TYCA-West Annual Writing Award
The TYCA-West Service Award
Each winner will receive a $50 award and recognition at that year’s TYCA-West conference.

Two-year college full or part-time instructors in English, composition, literature, technical writing, and closely related disciplines. Nominees should currently teach at a two-year college in Arizona, Hawaii, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, or Southern Idaho. Nominations by colleagues are preferred, but self-nominations are acceptable.

Two weeks before the upcoming TYCA-West conference. (Friday October 7, 2016)

Requirements for Each Award

A cover letter listing the nominee’s school affiliation, status, and teaching experience
Narrative describing the reasons for the nomination
Supporting manuscripts (For teaching awards: syllabi, assignments, student writing, etc. For writing award: articles, essays, fiction, poetry, drama, etc.)

Send or Email Nominations by October 7, 2016 to

Stephanie Dowdle Maenhardt, TYCA-West Interim Chair