About TYCA-West

What is TYCA-West?

TYCA-West is the Two Year College English Association for the Western Region. TYCA-West functions under the umbrella of our parent organization, National TYCA. National TYCA is part of NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English). Within National TYCA there are seven regions. TYCA-West serves faculty in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona, Nevada, and Hawaii.

What is our purpose?

National TYCA unites teachers committed to the teaching and study of English in the two-year college, to advancing the profession, and to providing a national voice for the two-year college in postsecondary education.

The purpose of TYCA-West is to foster the intellectual and pedagogical growth of English teachers and administrators in two-year colleges throughout the western region. We hold an annual conference every October where we encourage faculty to share their teaching expertise and projects they are working on at their various institutions.

Members of the TYCA-West Executive Committee:

Justin Jory, Chair (2016-19), Salt Lake Community College
Jeff Andelora, Past Chair (2014-15), Mesa Community College
Stephanie Maenhardt, National Rep. (2015-17), Salt Lake Community College
Louise Bown, Secretary (2014-17), Salt Lake Community College
Charlotte Howe, Treasurer (2012-18), Salt Lake Community College
Alisa Cooper, Web Master (2010-17), Glendale Community College
Duane Roen, 4-year Rep. for Arizona, Arizona State University
Christie Toth, 4-year Rep. for Utah, University of Utah