Presentations 2009

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Fernley (Salt Lake Community College ) (30) Teaching the Conflicts in Queer Studies

Phillips (University of Utah ) (30)
Cracking the code: students entering discourse communities through People focused research

Cracking the Code: Students Entering Discourse Communities through People-Focused

Cracking the Code PPT

Rousculp (Salt Lake Community College), Malouf (Salt Lake Community College) Being a Good Two-Year College

Dead Poets and Wonder Boys: Teaching Writing in the Movies–Joseph Harris, Duke University

Dead_Poets ppt_09


Roen (Arizona State University), Rankins-Robertson (Arizona State University) Writing about Family History in the Basic Writing Classroom
Lewis (Salt Lake Community College), Butler (Salt Lake Community College) (30)
Cardinal (Western Washington University), McLain (Western Washington University), Warnke (Western Washington University)
Arendt (Utah Valley University) Using Open Educational Resources in the Basic Composition Classroom Using Open Educational resources
Wells (Arizona State University), Berry (Arizona State University) Narrative strategies that help student integrate not only Reading, ‘Riting, ‘Rithmatic, Science, and the Arts, but also their life experiences TYCA-Narrative Strategies
Hayes, Levia (College of Southern Nevada) Henkel (College of Southern Nevada) Comic Books and Visual Literature: Superpoweror Kryptonite? SUPERPOWER or KRYPTONITE

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