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2013 TYCA West Annual Conference, October 11-12th @ The College of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas, NV * Theme: “The Evolving Classroom: Surviving the New Generation Gap.”

About TYCA-West

What is TYCA-West?
TYCA-West is the Two Year College English Association for the Western Region. TYCA-West functions under the umbrella of our parent organization, National TYCA. National TYCA is part of NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English). Within National TYCA there are seven regions. TYCA-West serves faculty in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona, Nevada, and Hawaii.

What is our purpose?
National TYCA unites teachers committed to the teaching and study of English in the two-year college, to advancing the profession, and to providing a national voice for the two-year college in postsecondary education.

The purpose of TYCA-West is to foster the intellectual and pedagogical growth of English teachers and administrators in two-year colleges throughout the western region. We hold an annual conference every October where we encourage faculty to share their teaching expertise and projects they are working on at their various institutions.

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Upcoming Conference

TYCA-West 2013 will take place on October 11-12 in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada! This year’s conference theme is “The Evolving Classroom: Surviving the New Generation Gap.”  (See below for a detailed outline of the conference CFP.)

We are excited to present Peggy Albers as our keynote speaker for this year’s conference.  Peggy is a professor in the College of Education at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA.  She teaches literacy and English education courses at the graduate level, and works with preservice teacher preparation in the field of English education, and also works with inservice teachers in literacy and English education.  Her current interests are semiotics, children’s literature, English education, curriculum development, the integration of multimedia into instruction, and doctoral preparation.

Peggy has published widely on digital technologies and literacy, the arts and literacy, children’s literature, and visual discourse analysis in literacy journals such as Language Arts, English Education, Journal of Early Childhood, Journal of Literacy Research, and The Reading Teacher, among others.  She has published four books, the latest one with Routledge entitled New Methods in Literacy Research.  Her third book was published by the National Council of Teachers of English entitled, Literacies, the Arts and Multimodality.  Her second book, entitled Finding the Artist Within (International Reading Association), addresses the implementation of the arts into English language arts curriculum and instruction.  Her first book, co-authored with Sharon Murphy, is entitled Telling Pieces: Art as Literacy in Middle Grades Classes focuses on the exploration of literacy practices in art classes, as well as a critique of visual arts texts that students create.

When not teaching, Peggy enjoys studying pottery and art at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center in Atlanta, GA. She can be contacted at malbers2@gsu.edu.


CFP for TYCA-West 2013

Today’s students have been tweeting, chatting, texting, and social networking since childhood. The expectation is that they will naturally interact with technology. Many, if not most, college educators are digital immigrants trying to keep up with the ways in which the pedagogical teaching paradigm has been dramatically transformed within a short period of time. How do we shift from the blackboard to the tweet while not negating our ability to remain effective teachers?  What are methods that we use in the modern classroom that could help our colleagues join us in the 21st Century?  What are the drawbacks of not shifting into the new era? Do you know anyone who still uses overheads? How do students react to the shift, or lack thereof?  We hope to address these questions as well as other effective teaching methods in our TYCA-West 2013 Conference in Las Vegas.  Please join us for a fun, methods and materials-sharing conference!  We look forward to seeing you here!

The submission date for conference proposals is September 1, 2013. EXTENDED to September 15th. Please email your proposals for TYCA-West’s 2012  conference in Las Vegas, Nevada to tycawest2013@gmail.com.  You can also email us this address with any questions about TYCA-West 2013.  Thanks!


TYCA-West Annual Conference: October 11-12, 2013 in Las Vegas, NV

Host: The College of Southern Nevada (http://www.csn.edu/)

Contact:Stephanie Dowdle Maenhardt stephanie.maenhardt@slcc.edu OR Levia Hayes Levia.Hayes@csn.edu

Conference Hotel: Suncoast Hotel and Casino
9090 Alta Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89145

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Past Conferences

2012 “The Power of Paradox: Active Learning for the 21st Century Professor!” Salt Lake Community College, Salt Lake City, UT; October 19-20.

2011 “Transitioning into and out of Academe: Thinking & Writing for College Students” Mesa Community College in Arizona; October 7-8.

2010 “Entering the Conversation: Creating Actionable Knowledge” College of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas, NV; October 8-9th

2009 “Point and Counterpoint: Converging Fugues within Composition and Community” Salt Lake Community College, Salt Lake City, Utah; October 9-10.

2008 “Reaching Across Communities: Service in and out of the Classroom.” Valley Verde Campus of Yavapai College Clarkdale, Arizona; October 10-11.

2007 “Building Bridges of Lifelong Learners.” Las Vegas, Nevada; October 12-13

2006 “New Literacies: Teaching Writing in the Twenty-First Century.” Park City, Utah; October 20-21.

2005 “Moving Mountains: Changing the Landscape of Community College Classrooms.” Prescott, Arizona; October 6-8.

2004 “Striking It Rich: Cross-Talk in English.” Las Vegas, Nevada; October 7-9.

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